Interested in submitting your work?

You can reach us at our live chat or at with your submissions, artwork, ideas, and questions.

We want to know what story you’re telling, and who you are.  Your pitch could be a bio and short synopsis, your manuscript, your illustration portfolio, or an idea you’ve been working on.

Yes! You can get in touch with your ideas, or even just your questions about children’s publishing – we’re here to make the process more transparent for everyone.

We’ll respond to you via email – giving you an answer as quickly we can. Please be patient, we’re a small team and receive a large number of submissions. If we’re keen to read/see more, our Editorial Director will be in touch directly. No rejection is ever personal, and we aim to provide useful feedback where possible.

We publish fiction for children and teenagers aged 5 – 15. (We don’t picture books or adult fiction.)

We publish inclusively, and are constantly looking for untold or overlooked stories & underrepresented voices.

We want to hear from both new and established creative people; authors, illustrators, animators, filmmakers, designers, and more. We want to hear from agents, as well as directly from new voices.

We don’t require authors or illustrators to be agented before submitting to us. But, we work ethically, so before making any offers we encourage everyone to speak with agents (and/or the Society of Authors) and we make introductions where needed.

We don’t accept submissions by post.