Keedie named Book of the Month by The Bookseller  

In an early preview, The Bookseller’s Charlotte Eyre named Keedie by Elle McNicoll as Children’s Book of the Month (19 January 2024).

‘McNicoll is one of the most exciting talents on the children’s publishing scene and, along with her publisher Knights Of, has transformed the representation of neurodivergent children in literature. This prequel to A Kind of Spark, about an autistic girl who wants to build a memorial for the witches of her home village, is about Addie’s sister Keedie, who goes on a mission to help any schoolmate who is being hassled by bullies. She also contends with the usual problems associated with being a young teen, including growing apart from her neurotypical twin sister. McNicoll ties in the plot with A Kind of Spark, although this novel could be read as a standalone, and excitingly includes storylines that will be referenced in season two of the “A Kind of Spark” TV adaptation, which will air this summer. This is a novel filled with love—not only Keedie’s love for Addie but McNicoll’s for young neurodivergent people everywhere, and the brilliant and brave Keedie will inspire those children to be proud of who they are. As Keedie says, being autistic is brilliant—it’s having a brain with extra stardust—and we are so lucky that McNicoll is bringing stories about autistic children to readers everywhere.’

Keedie publishes on 4 April 2024 and is available to pre-order.