A Kind of Spark on BBC!

A Kind of Spark is a powerful, heart-warming live-action series about friendship, courage and self-belief based on the award-winning book by neurodivergent author, Elle McNicoll.

Coming to BBC iPlayer on 31 March and CBBC from 17 April, it tells the inspirational story of an autistic teenager Addie. When she learns about the witch trials that happened centuries ago in her hometown of Juniper, Addie knows that there’s more to the story of these ‘witches’, just as there is more to her own.

Her desire to be herself becomes entwined with the historical mystery of Maggie and Elinor, two sisters who lived in the 16th Century. Maggie was accused of witchcraft and mysteriously vanished before she could be brought to trial while Elinor struggled with her true self.

As Addie tries to unravel what happened to Maggie, she discovers an even more surprising connection to Elinor and embarks on a journey of self-discovery while campaigning for a memorial in Maggie and Elinor’s honour. Can Addie challenge how the people in her town see her and make her voice be heard?

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award and the Overall Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, A Kind of Spark interweaves the past and present in ten action packed episodes full of the joys of friendship, sisterhood, the drama of growing up, mystery and magic.

Filmed in Knutsford, Manchester, A Kind of Spark has authentic representation throughout its production with the three lead characters of Addie, Keedie and Nina played by neurodivergent actors.

A Kind of Spark is created for television by Anna McCleery (Free Rein, Secret Life of Boys) and produced by 9 Story Media Group. Lead writers are Anna McCleery and Elle McNicoll (A Kind of Spark, Show Us Who You Are) with Karissa Hamilton-Bannis and Vicki Lutas. It is executive produced for 9 Story by Gráinne McNamara.

A Kind of Spark will be available on BBC iPlayer from 31 March and CBBC from 17 April.

Article posted on BBC Media Centre, 13 March ’23