Ella Masters

Ella is an illustrator and live portrait artist. She currently lives in London known for her drawing a day project #ella365project. Ella also takes inspiration from a variety of places to help create her lively work, including tattoos, typography, inspiration women and pattern. 

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Lakwena’s iconic, kaleidoscopic work is informed by the use of decoration as a means of communication. As a form of expression within a political world, Lakwena explores how the use of adornment in worship and myth-making translates into contemporary popular culture. 

Central to her practice are words, used as both images and anchors of meaning, borrowing from the techniques and conventions of traditional sign-writing and contemporary graphic design. 

With an aesthetic that draws upon her formative years in Addis Ababa, Nairobi and her native London, Lakwena has created epic outdoor murals in diverse cities from Miami to London, creating bold messages of hope in urban landscapes. 

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Camilla Ru

Camilla Ru is a self-taught visual artist who creates illustrations for magazines, books, albums, podcasts and more. Based in the rainy city of Manchester, her work explores various forms of creativity, working on expanding imaginations and welcoming inspirations from life’s experiences. 

Her work has appeared in publications such as Black Ballad, Broadly, Vice and Buzzfeed amongst others.

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