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Knights of is making books for every kid

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Knights Of publishes commercial children’s fiction – distributed through the UK, Ireland and Europe. We’re all about hiring as widely, and as diversely as possible, to make sure the books we publish give windows into as many worlds as possible – from what’s on the page all the way to sales copy.

We’re growing! Started by Aimée Felone and David Stevens, Knights Of has grown to include Creative Director, Marssaié, and a proud team of supporters, investors, behind-the-scenes admin, not to mention the community of writers and creatives at #BooksMadeBetter who have helped get us this far.


Aimée Felone, Co-Founder
David Stevens, Co-Founder
Marssaié, Creative Director
Eishar Brar, Editorial Director
Daphne Lao Tonge, Marketing Director