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Knights Of publishes commercial children’s fiction

Creating quality content for kids – with as many perspectives as we can squeeze into the making-of each book.

Publishing hasn’t got a great track record with diversity – on the shelf or behind the scenes.

‘Diverse’ books are often shelved as ‘niche’ while less than 4% of the publishing workforce in the UK is non-white.

Knights Of is creating a better pipeline: working with writers, illustrators, agents, retailers and other publishers to make books better.

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We’re only as great as our readers - that means you - #BooksMadeBetter is our community, filled with opinion on what books gets us going and what stops us in our tracks. Where fellow Knights share industry ideas, criticisms, solutions and what makes them tick.

Join us in writing, drawing, arguing, creating interpretive dance routines (you know who you are) - whatever works for you - as we try to find some new solutions to old problems.

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